COVID-19 UPDATE - If you are unable to access the Add-Value machine where you live please click here.


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COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued CALECO Customers,

As we continue to monitor the unforeseen situation that is present with the coronavirus (COVID-19) and associated illnesses, it has become abundantly clear that Laundry continues to be an essential commodity. Due to this, CALECO has developed this policy to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all team members and customers. We wish to ensure all customers that we have continuity plans in place to deliver uninterrupted service and support to customers as we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19.

While the situation continues to develop and the final impact remains unknown, we have proactively put in place the following policies for the foreseeable future:

  • We have implemented additional sanitization and cleaning protocols in our office, warehouses, service vehicles.
  • We have equipped field staff with necessary equipment and gloves to ensure safe working procedures while on location for our customers.
  • We have increased options for remote work, where possible.
  • Most service and installation work can be accomplished with minimal to no direct contact between our field staff and our customers.
  • No employees showing symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness will be working while showing symptoms, and will not return until medically cleared.
  • Our call Center remains open 8:30am- 5pm Mon-Fri, as usual, and will continue to assist you with service needs as we have always done.
  • Customer Service calls can continue to be sent 24/7 to
  • Our Installation crews are working and will continue to schedule and deliver equipment, as normal.
  • Our Collectors will continue to collect from machines and re-value stations, as normal.
  • Our headquarters in West Chester, PA is open and staffed.

In addition, we have established a company-wide reporting process to identify any employee with emerging symptoms consistent with the flu or COVID-19 and will take immediate actions to reduce and avoid exposure to other employees and customers.

We encourage Owners and Landlords to provide unobstructed access to Laundry Space(s) in order for residents to maintain a clean and healthy environment by washing their clothing and bedding. At many locations there are reloadable Add-Value stations that are located in an office or community amenity space including, fitness center and community rooms. While we understand these spaces might be temporally closed, we encourage Owners and Landlords to offer reasonable accommodations to allow residents to access these spaces to reload their laundry cards.

At CALECO, we are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our employees and our customers. We ask all customers to respect the health and safety of our team and community. Therefore, should you be experiencing any symptoms, please contact our office right away, if you know we are to be present in a high risk situation. Please be assured that we continue to monitor new developments and guidance issued by the CDC, WHO and other regulatory agencies related to the coronavirus outbreak, and further communications may be updated.

Should you have any questions regarding this policy or wish to discuss our continuity plans and practices, please contact CALECO at 610-692-5600 or

Thank you for your cooperation as we take these important steps to ensure the safety of our employees and customers during these unprecedented times.

We wish you good health during this time.


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