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Custom Laundry Room Design

With ZERO Capital Outlay

Functional. Economical. Aesthetically Pleasing.

LaundroDesignSM laundry facilities by CALECO.

With a custom laundry room designed by CALECO, you get a functional, economical, and aesthetically pleasing facility.

The first step in achieving a professional facility is meeting on-site with our experienced sales professional and field service supervisors with vast knowledge and experience in designing laundry rooms.

Our professionals will ensure your locations is properly fitted with the proper utilities the correct equipment and technology is provided to fit with your residents wants and needs.

New Construction

Architects and builders are not experts in the industry when it comes to designing facilities, CALECO is. We have found over the years with many new facilities architects and builders spec incorrect plumbing and venting requirements to find drying or washing issues once machines are hooked up. This can result in a complete rehab of facilities later on down the road to ensure machines work properly, costing thousands of dollars on a brand new build.

In addition, architects and builders are not experts in the equipment sizing ratios by property type and demographic, which means your room will be left with too many or too few machines. You will have complete peace of mind knowing you properly outfitted your room with CALECO.

Existing Facilities

You can be assured with CALECO our vast knowledge of commercial laundry yields to the best in central laundry rooms. When you meet with our sales and service professions they will take the time to address all your concerns and recommend the correct type of machines and payment system that best suits your property.

Taking it a step further what most companies neglect, our professionals checks all the utilities to make sure the room is operating at peak performance. Many existing vents are under or oversized, vent runs are too long or insufficient, plumbing is not at the property height, make-up air non-excitant in the rooms, there are too many or not enough machines in the room, etc.

We are the true professionals when it comes to laundry and will ensure to make sure to get everything corrected for your brand new laundry system.

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CALECO offers commercial laundry equipment from a number of the most trusted name brands in the industry.
If you don’t see a particular brand listed here, simply give us a call… chances are, we’ve got it!

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