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Superior Service

Since 1946 CALECO’s motto has remained the same since it was established, “We measure success With Superior Service.” CALECO’s has the largest tech forces in the Mid-Atlantic Region with factory trained service technicians that live in the areas they service, for the quickest response times.

Leaving their home each day with a fully stocked “warehouse on wheels”, customers can rely that when service is needed our techs will be there. CALECO’s technicians have an average of 22+ years on the job, which keeps them knowledgeable about the communities they service, as well as allowing them to build personal relationships with landlords and property managers.

Overseen by Supervisors and Managers that have been part of the CALECO family for over 35 years, our customers can be sure that when it comes to experience in the industry CALECO cannot be beat.

New Machines / Latest Technology

If you are looking to renovate your laundry areas, provide new and improved laundry equipment and technologies to your laundry facilities, than look no further!

CALECO offers brand new equipment from trusted brands known for Laundry such as: Speed Queen, Whirlpool, Maytag, ESD and more. We offer Energy Star rated washers and High Efficiency Dryers with the latest Energy Efficiencies and Technological Advancements on the market including credit card payments, mobile applications, Bluetooth payment technology and laundry monitoring.

Higher Commissions

There are a number of factors why CALECO has been in business for over 70 years, and one of the greatest reasons is because CALECO puts the clients first. With that said, it comes as no surprise that CALECO offers some of the most highly competitive commission structures in the industry.

CALECO’s Representatives are friendly, helpful, and very willing to work with you to make sure you maximize your laundry revenues and put money back into your pocket.

Oh, and all with ZERO Capital Outlay!


Functional. Economical. Aesthetically pleasing.

With a custom laundry room designed by CALECO, you get a functional, economical, and aesthetically pleasing facility.

The first step in achieving a professional facility is meeting on-site with our experienced sales professional and field service supervisors with vast knowledge and experience in designing laundry rooms.

Our professionals will ensure your location is properly fitted with the proper utilities the correct equipment and technology is provided to fit with your residents wants and needs.

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Design, Installation  & Service for 70+ Years. 

Over 70 years ago, our founder, Samuel Winig, pioneered the commercial-residential laundry facility business in the Philadelphia real estate market by providing convenient “in-house” laundry facilities for residents, while producing extra income for property owners. Today, CALECO has grown to become the largest privately owned commercial laundry vendor in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US.

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Sustainable Mission

CALECO is committed to providing earth- friendly products whenever and wherever possible. We offer High- Efficiency washers, with Energy Star ratings on water consumption. Our partners are consistently up to date with The Department of Energy regulations and standards, allowing CALECO to remain on the cutting edge of new technology, sustainability and machine advancements. For further information on going green please contact the sales team.

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CALECO offers commercial laundry equipment from a number of the most trusted name brands in the industry.
If you don’t see a particular brand listed here, simply give us a call… chances are, we’ve got it!

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