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Payment Options

While still offering coin operated machines for over 70 years CALECO has advanced as technology changes. CALECO offers a vast array of payment options to include

  • Pay at the machine with coins
  • Pay at the Machine with a CALECO Clean Card which can be reloaded via cash, credit, and over the internet.
  • Pay at the machines directly with Credit Card
  • Pay at the machines with Mobile Phone Application
  • Included laundry- run for free

Our sales professionals will go through CALECO’s Laundrodesign to best establish the best method of payment techonolgy for your residents.

Laundry Monitoring

When machines are equipped with laundry monitoring the resident can remotely monitor the status and availability of every machine in the laundry room, that means no more wasted trips to the laundry rooms to find all the machines are in use. With laundry monitoring residents can receive emails or texts to see when machines are free as well as view remaining cycle time on their machines and received notifications when cycle is complete. In addition through laundry monitoring website and phone app residents can send service message to get issues taken care of promptly.

In addition to the added benefit received by residents, when machines are “online” it allows CALECO to proactively monitor your facilities to make sure everything is running smoothly in the case that something does go wrong. Machines equipped with ServiceAlert will even send an email to our service department with an error code from the machine in real time so we know before a resident has even had the chance to notice. Those residents that rather not report issues when something is broken, no need to worry, Service Alert will!


CALECO offers commercial laundry equipment from a number of the most trusted name brands in the industry.
If you don’t see a particular brand listed here, simply give us a call… chances are, we’ve got it!

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